Monthly Archives: April 2008

  • We attended the annual concert / exhibition by GaTech's music technology and digital media groups. Here are some highlights: There was a multi-touch table with a variety of games and interactive movies, two Indian songs involving computers writing their own accompaniment based on real-time analysis, a virtual world where your movements create music, and a bit of wii art. And I almost forgot the computer-keyboard band... Click the heading for some links.

    listening machines concert / exhibit program
    gatech music technology department
    gatech digital media department
    One of the links in the video was wrong for the Sarod Indian piece: slowTheka

  • We get an overview of the GaTech IEEE Robotic Team's 2008 competition bot, which has a ridiculous amount of gizmos on board, including a 300V light bulb charger / flasher, bluetooth-to-serial communication and wireless playstation controller operation, RFID, IR range finders, a block finding vision system and a lithium laptop battery power system. But the most impressive part is the block picker-upper... just a wheel and a loose strip of vinyl.

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