Monthly Archives: July 2008

  • dsPIC + touch screen + 2 servos. Perhaps even more interesting is how Evidence generated the code for this demo app. An open-source matlab / simulink called SciLab lets you graphically model the control system and then automatically generate C code (with Evidence's toolbar). Unfortunately, the generated code only works on their real-time embedded OS ($$$$). No free lunch.

  • Peter just posted a great review of our VOS Sequencer Kit. It includes pros and cons of the sequencer overall as well as the building process / instructions. He also posted a video of his VOSS in use.

    Voice of Saturn Sequencer demo from Peter Speer on Vimeo.

  • This is a small but useful tip we got from talking to David at uCHobby about lead trimming. When leads are clipped they usually go flying off and are a pain to clean up as well as an eye hazard. By resting a finger on the tip of the lead while clipping, the lead just falls to the table. It's faster than grabbing the sides of the lead, although with thicker leads (voltage regulators, some diodes, etc.), grabbing the sides is more prudent unless you don't mind a lead hanging out of your finger.


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