Monthly Archives: October 2008

  • We'll be at the Austin Maker Faire doing all sorts of surface mount soldering demos, including toaster ovens, skillets, a $24 hot air tool , fine pitch, QFN (leadless chips), inexpensive solder paste stencils (from, chipquik, schmartboards and more... all without microscopes. Some new kits will be used in the demos, including some blinking "fireflies" that sync with each other and a bread-board module that acts as a power supply and USB serial port. We'll also have a bunch of our music kits there to play with. Travis will be there with his Voice of Saturn kits, and Josh, a new collaborator, will be demoing a new affordable version of his stribe. There will be a drum machine that you can play with a playstation 2 controller and our MIDIATOR.

  • The new firmware version of our MIDIATOR Kit lets you map any button or joystick to any note or controller, including button pressures. For instance, you could make the vertical axis of the left joystick go from 89 at the bottom to 34 at the spring-returned center, to 5 at the top. We made a new video showcasing this along with the Jomox XBase09 drum module, which is just insanely fun to play with.

    Some practice wouldn't hurt...

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