$3500 Bioloid Giveaway Contest Ending Soon, Odds Still Fantastic

We started a new showcase section of our website where you can post projects and find others doing similar things. To promote it, we're giving away a $3500 Bioloid Expert Kit to a random person who submits a project (at least one project picture required). There are two days left and the odds are still great. The first 50 get $10 off coupons, too. You can see a collage of pictures from projects already submitted at the projects page. We originally added the inventors section to showcase people who were having kits manufactured by us, but thought it'd be useful to open it up to anyone that wants to show off anything from a class project to a commercial product. Links out to other blogs and pages are fine and encouraged. Some awesome projects are being submitted: My_Full_Sized_R2-D2 Bipedal_Walking_Robot_in_PVC Beirut_Robot

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