Arduinome Clear Acrylic Case Kit
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Quick Overview
A case for the arduinome, a DIY version of the monome ( Designed for SparkFun 64 SparkFun buttons and arduino Diecimila.
Arduinome Clear Acrylic Case Kit

Comes with all necessary hardware, including:

  • (16) 8-32 screws
  • (16) 8-32 nuts
  • (4) rubber feed
  • (2) 4-40 standoffs
  • (1) 2-56 screw (for small arduino mounting hole)
  • (5) 2-56 nuts (for small arduino standoff and nut)
  • (20) 4-40 .5" screws for buttons
  • (20) 20 lock washers for buttons
  • (22) 4-40 nuts (for standoffs and button screws)

You'll also need:

Customer Build (black version): dj_edition's build Please see our blog post detailing the build process. SparkFun buttons are larger than the monome buttons. Cases and faceplates are not compatible.

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