Voice of Saturn SEQUENCER - Bare-Bones Kit
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Quick Overview
Bare Bones Kit Version, 10 Step Analog Sequencer, sequence length adjustable, gate and S-Trig out, can sync with other equipment.
Voice of Saturn SEQUENCER - Bare-Bones Kit

This is the BareBones Kit version.  It does not come with a case, power jack, or knobs.  Perfect for embedding in your own case.



RoHS Compliant (lead-free).


This is a 10 step analog sequencer, which steps through 10 different voltage levels that are set by the knobs. The output control voltage and trigger signals are typically used to control pitch, filters, drum triggers and an endless number of other parameters on other synths.

Features / Specs:

  • 10 steps, sequence can be shortened by connecting 1/8" cable from step to reset jack

  • Voltage Out from 0 to ~7.5V

  • Gate out and S-Trigger out for older Moogs

  • Clock input / output to connect multiple sequencers ( for sync'ing, not extending sequence)

  • Hold Switch pauses sequence, manually steps when clock is off

  • 9V Battery or Power Supply (AC or DC 12V)

    • EKit and Fully Assembled come with Power Supply and Jack




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RoHS Compliant
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