Roboduino ASSEMBLED - Servo Ready Freeduino (Arduino Compatible)
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Roboduino Fully Assembled and Tested. RoHS Compliant (lead-free). An Arduino-compatible microcontroller board with headers designed for servos and robotics. If we're out of stock here, please check over at Trossen Robotics, our distributor.
Roboduino ASSEMBLED - Servo Ready Freeduino (Arduino Compatible)

Description: The Roboduino is a Freeduino (Arduino software compatible) microcontroller board designed for robotics. All of its connections have neighboring power buses into which servos and sensors can easily be plugged. Additional headers for power and serial communication are also provided. The kits come with the surface mount parts pre-soldered.


  • 100% Compatible with Arduino software.

  • Power buses along side pwm and analog pins easily accept standard servo and sensor connectors.

  • Powered can be supplied from USB, barrel plug or 3-pin male header. You'll need a suitable power supply when driving multiple servos.

  • dedicated UART 3-pin male header

  • 6 PWM outputs with neighboring unregulated power pins

  • 6 analog pins

  • 14 digital pins

  • Reverse polarity protection for board circuitry (not for unregulated power pins)

  • Optional I2C pull-up resistor locations



Roboduino Quick Demo / Intro from CuriousInventor on Vimeo.


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