Plug-in Bread Board Dual Power Supply
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Quick Overview
This kit provides adjustable +- DC voltage to bread boards, just attach an inexpensive AC transformer. Both + and - voltages can be finely adjusted with a trim pot. Great for audio op-amp circuits.
Plug-in Bread Board Dual Power Supply

Dual Bread Board Power Supply Assembly Instructions.pdf

  • Both + and ��������� voltages are independently adjustable
  • With proper heat sinking and a sufficiently strong AC adaptor, over 1 amp can be supplied to each side. Choose an AC adaptor with at least 30% more AC voltage and amperage than the DC requirements.
  • Fits in most bread boards with Elenco-brand spacing, but can also work in others by leaving off the two, 2-pin support headers.
  • Overhands board to provide maximum prototyping space.
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