SchmartBoard|ez SOIC .5mm Pitch, 4-72 pins
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SchmartBoard|ez SOIC .5mm Pitch, 4-72 pins

The SO stands for Small Outline, and indicates two rows of leads with gull-wing leads (A J in the package name means J-lead, and is less common). There are also 43 positions for 603 (.06x.03") packages, 8 positions for 805 packages, and 6 connections to a ground plane on the reverse side. 2x2" board size. detailed pdf The solder filled troughs are slightly inset below the surface, which helps to hold the chip leads in perfect position. No microscope is necessary for alignment. The only requirement is a tip slightly smaller than the lead size. Recommended tip temperature is 750 - 800 degrees F. This board is RoHS Compliant with lead-free solder. Manufacturer's part number: 202-0007-01 Video demonstrating hand soldering of a SO package:

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