How to use Raspberry Pi to track motion and turn skeleton head as people walk by

This project utilizes a Raspberry Pi Zero, servo, camera, and OpenCV python library. Parts: Pi Zero W (with wireless): PWM Servo bonnet: Servo: USB to Barrel Jack cable: Pi NoIR Camera (camera without an IR filter that's better at night):1
Published date: January 3, 2022
Catagory: How To & Quick Tips
Published date: April 28, 2019
Catagory: Arduino

Course on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Decentralization

bitcoin_altcoins_blockchain_companies Our new course on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Decentralized technology gives a crash course on Bitcoin and many other blockchain projects, like Ethereum, MakerDao, IPFS, SlockIt, the DAO, Zerocash, and more. There are demos on how to acquire, store and1
Published date: June 18, 2016
Catagory: Uncategorized

SMS to Cheap Scrolling LED using Arduino USB Host Shield and Android App

This project shows how to send SMS text messages to a cheap scrolling LED display via an Android app and arduino with USB host shield. The project was originally inspired by a friend wanting to make a "sexting themed" costume, with a scrolling LED display of live texts sent from1
Published date: September 6, 2015
Catagory: Arduino

The Essence of How Bitcoin Works

A brief intro to the main ideas behind How Bitcoin Works, including how money is transferred, who keeps track of it, and how the whole thing is secured.
Published date: September 6, 2014
Catagory: News

SMT Stencil Review, including BGA Reballing

A review of SMT stencils from BEST, Inc. 10% off coupon: 'Curious'
Published date: May 31, 2014
Catagory: Soldering
Published date: April 14, 2014
Catagory: How To & Quick Tips

RPi Spectrum Analyzer Display with LED Strip

A python-based real-time spectrum analyzer. Plays MP3s and does FFTs in real time using code from the LightShow Pi project and Numpy. Full code and instructions at instructables.
Published date: January 7, 2014
Catagory: News

Augmented Reality Circuit Building Guide

An iPad app that provides augmented reality steps for building a circuit on a bread board. Graphics are overlayed on the actual breadboard to show you exactly where to put parts, and provide extra information, like values, tolerances, and voltages.
Published date: November 6, 2013
Catagory: News

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

A somewhat technical, but concise explanation of how Bitcoin works.
Published date: July 15, 2013
Catagory: How To & Quick Tips

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