Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • astlab has made a simple device that turns any USB MIDI device into a wireless (WiFi) device that also speaks OSC. They used a USB WiFi dongle to do the transmission. Their target device is aVMeter.

  • My Inventor Club is moving from a typical hacker-space sized building to a massive new location. The club will offer many of benefits of a hackerspace such as a full machine shop, laser cutters, 3D printers, space to build, etc., but also has enough room to be much more for the Atlanta community. They're planning on renting space to small hardware-based startups, serving as a co-location workspace, and maybe even holding conferences (mini makerfaires?).

    The wooden floor picture looks large enough to comfortably hold 100 makers all working with plenty of elbow room to spare, and they've got three floors that size, plus conference rooms. And even more mind-boggling, the 2nd picture shows another "factory" building big enough to hold a cruise ship or small factory. They're planning on having several car bays for auto work, amongst many other industrial machines. The roof is tall enough to work on some huge art installations (think burning man), and even has a few overhead cranes if anyone needs to move steel beams.

    They should be moved in around May. Cost to join is currently $100 per month.

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