Beatrix*JAR Circuit Bending Workshop & Concert @ Eyedrum, Atlanta

Beatrix*JAR puts on a show at the Eyedrum in Atlanta and does a circuit bending workshop following the show where they explain how they make and use Speak n spells, AM radios, flash cameras and old casio keyboards. One very cool effect involved an AM radio and two flash cameras, which can be used as a makeshift theremin by charging the cameras and moving them around the AM radio. When the flash is triggered it lets off an explosion of sound on the radio. In the circuit bending workshop, they show how to warp an old casio's sounds by randomly bridging points on the insides. This was surprisingly effective and no magic smoke was seen. They also embedded nails into some speak-n-spells that would warp the pitch depending on how hard the nails were pressed.Beatrix*JAR Circuit Bending Workshop & Concert @ Eyedrum, Atlanta from CuriousInventor onVimeo.

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