New Product: 16X PWM Led Fader

We’re happy to introduce a new product, the 16X PWM LED Fader. It lets you control up to 16 channels of high resolution pwm voltage for LEDs or Speed controlled DC motors. It also has a bunch of built in command shortcuts for grouping lights, and making chase and fading sequences.
16x PWM LED Fader


  • 16 channels of voltage control–mix DC motors and LEDs
  • High resolution 16bit* control enables smooth fading, precise color mixing
  • Different voltages can be used on all 16 channels (4 separate banks for simplied wiring)
  • Control via RS232 serial, 5V TTL serial or high speed SPI from arduino or other uCs
  • Fast update / communication–with SPI, all 16 channels can be smoothly swept
  • Easy built-in commands: Group lights, Fade, Chase, Blink , Sunspot
  • Up to 25V and 2A per channel (max power dependent on ambient temperature)

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