Metal Working

Metal Working

Some basics of working with metal along with demonstrations of useful tools. Corrections and feedback appreciated…


Dec 10 2007admin said:

Feedback and corrections are appreciated.

Jan 02 2008anonymous said:

A very infomative video for people getting started. I am a machinist myself and can agree with everything you said for hand drilling and tapping.

Jan 02 2008scott (admin) said:

Thanks. We talked with several machinists to make this, and there was some debate on how often reversing a tap was necessary. Any thoughts? Surely it depends on everything (metal, tap sharpness, cutting fluid, etc), but what do you do in general?

Jan 08 2008anonymous said:

Good videos! I just watched the soldering video before this one, and I have to say I’m very impressed with the accuracy of the information and the quality with which it’s presented.

Jan 11 2008anonymous said:
Hi Great videos mate, a good idea for filing aluminium is to first rub chalk into the teeth of the file, it embeds into the teeth and makes cleaning the file a whole lot easier,( and maybe stops you getting abused if you are using someone elses tools) This is probably the best site I’ve found for soldering advice , well sourced and professionally presented.Thankyou and regards
Jan 27 2008anonymous said:

Great video! Very useful. Thanks.

May 22 2008anonymous said:

I’m very impressed by your Metal Working video. Looking forward for your next online video’s on this subject!
Question: Do you ship to the Netherlands?

Keep up the good work!

Regards, Bjørn

May 22 2008scott (admin) said:

yep, just follow the instructions on the check page. we can’t ship flux or batteries, though.

Sep 18 2008Daletone (unregistered) said:

You did a great job with this video. I am a machinist and have found everything you described to be very accurate and useful for the basics of drilling a hole.

The video has a lot of information for the beginner, but the beauty of online videos is that you can slow them down and watch them over and over. Keep up the excellent work!

Sep 18 2008scott (admin) said:

Wow, thanks!

Oct 05 2008Paul (unregistered) said:

To echo Daletone’s comments, I have been a machinist for 22 years and I am impressed with your metalworking video. Excellent job. I came here for your soldering information, so I imagine it is of the same quality.

Regarding reversing the tap: This is on the conservative side, especially for Al. But in the home shop environment it definitely pays to be conservative.

Thanks for a great site!

Jul 13 2009kayman (unregistered) said:

good stuff. highly recommended!


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