Here's a quick demo of our new FM Radio Shield, featuring its ability to read the RDS text data off the radio stream and display it in the Arduino Serial Monitor.

    The FM Shield also:

    • digitally control station, volume
    • read station strength to find good stations, or empty bands
    • head phone amplifier, uses headphone wire as antenna

    The FM Radio Shield is available for purchase.

  • We're happy to release a new FM Radio Arduino Shield that lets you listen to and control FM Radio.  With its abilit to read RDS info, the station / artist / song names can be displayed, and with a bit of code, you could have it automatically change channels when commercials play.

    You can also digitally change the station, volume, and read the signal strength to find the strongest or weakest stations.  Finding weak stations could help you find a good transmission gap for your FM transmitter.

    If there's a station broadcasting traffic info via RDS, that would also be available.

    FM Radio Arduino Shield


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