Voice of Saturn Synth Mod

In order to get more out of your CV1 input on your VoS synth, we have come up with a simple mod that will help you do more with your synth. The mod should take only about 15 minutes and requires adding a new wire and moving an old one.

The new mod changes CV1 so that it controls the 555 that is in charge of the LFO. The control voltage adjusts the duty cycle and the frequency of the LFO, which will give you some interesting sounds. Also, if you turn up the LFO rate all the way up, the LFO will oscillate at the dominant frequency. What does this mean? Check out the video.

To do the mod. Follow the wiring guide in the picture. Remove the wires that were attached to the CV1 jack and solder them together. Then solder a wire between the CV1 jack and JP15 on the PCB. Your Voice of Saturn is then ready to go crazy with new sounds. Give it a try with the Voice of Saturn Sequencer, or even two of them!

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