What a Great TGIMBOEJ

We just received a TGIMBOEJ in the mail, that’s a The-Great-Internet-Migratory-Box-Of-Electronics-Junk in long form. Our box included a huge, old LCD panel, a mini 6GB hard drive, a GPS something or other, some super old style capacitor can, a power supply, an old relay and a bunch of other little odds and ends. The box started in Canada at ogi lumen (the prettiest nixie pictures on the net), and then went to uCHobby.com. We’ll be sending it to moderndevice.comnext. The idea is that you take what you want out, put in what you want from your own junk pile, and then pass it on. We’re going to nab the power supply. The rest of this entry has more pics.

mini 6Gb harddrive about the size of a coin dollar.

A nice custom perf board creation–it’s even got daughter cards of a sort that hang off the bottom.

some sort of gps device

Old school relay… computers used to click before transistors and tubes.

Check out the capacitor can on the right.

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