1/32in Screwdriver Tip for WES51 – SMT Recommendation


This is the style of tip we recommend for soldering Surface Mount components (SMD, SMT). It's also the tip we demonstrate soldering fine pitch (.5mm) pitch components in our surface mount soldering 101 video.

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Tip name: ETH (1/32" Screwdriver).

More specs:

  • reach / length: .625"
  • compatible with: EC1201A&1204A, PES50&51 (The pencil iron that comes with the WES51 station) ,WCC101
  • Sensor hole in the base of tip is fitted with a stainless steel liner to prevent tip from seizing to the sensor
  • Tinned with lead-free solder

Tips on prolonging tip life:

  • The tips are mostly copper, plated with iron and chrome / nickel on the non-working portion. The tin in solder will rapidly dissolve copper if the iron plating is pierced, so never file the end of your tip to re-shape it.
  • Always keep a coating of solder on the tip, especially when placing it back in the stand and before turning the iron off. The iron on an exposed tip will quickly oxidize (leaving the iron on un-coated for one night could kill the tip).
  • Once the tip becomes oxidized, solder will no longer adhere to it, and this will make soldering very difficult. A small amount of solder on the tip forms a heat-bridge between the tip and joint, and without this, very little heat will transfer through dry contact alone.
  • To clean a heavily oxidized tip, coat with a flux cored solder and wipe off on a sponge or dry tip cleaner. Repeat this procedure several times–the flux in the solder is just as important as the rubbing action on the sponge. For extremely oxidized tips, Weller sells a polishing stone. Very gentle rubbing with high-grit sand paper will also work.
  • Water soluble solder: water soluble flux (or the flux contained in water-soluble cored solder) is much more aggressive than typical rosin based flux, and will wear away the tip much more rapidly. Use water soluble flux only if you have substantial reason to believe your parts are heavily oxidized (usually from being very old or exposed to moist, hot environments, or they’re an easily oxidized material to begin with), and cannot be soldered with rosin-based flux. Try Kester "44" flux or solder before resorting to water soluble flux.
  • No clean flux: This flux is meant for very clean joints that require minimal oxide removal. The flux will likely not be strong enough to remove normal oxide build-up on tips, so it’s advised to keep some more active flux / solder around to occasionally clean the tip with (again, we recommend Kester "44").

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