16x PWM LED Fader


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The Fader provides 16bit control over 16 PWM channels for LED or motor speed control via RS232 level serial, 5V TTL serial, or SPI. Completely open source–code, kicad, BOM are all below.

Built-in commands make it easy to command groups of lights to blink, “glow / breathe”, chase or fade.

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Main features:

  • 16 channels of voltage control–mix DC motors and LEDs
  • High resolution 16bit* control enables smooth fading, precise color mixing
  • Different voltages can be used on all 16 channels (4 separate banks for simplied wiring)
  • Control via RS232 serial, 5V TTL serial or high speed SPI from arduino or other uCs
  • Fast update / communication–with SPI, all 16 channels can be smoothly swept
  • Easy built-in commands: Group lights, Fade, Chase, Blink , Sunspot
  • Up to 25V and 2A per channel (max power dependent on ambient temperature)
  • LED indicators at each channel’s connection, as well as communication indicators
  • Comes with 9V power supply

*full range is 8 to (2^16 – 8)


16x pwm led fader diagram

16x pwm led fader closeup


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