5V Regulator (1A)


Classic 7805 5V regulator useful for supplying a steady 5V from batteries or wall wart power supplies.

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  • Input voltage range: 7-35V
  • Depending on the output current and input voltage, a heat sink may be necessary.
  • Features internal thermal overload protection (auto limits current) and short circuit limiting.
  • 2% output voltage tolerance.
  • Full part number: MC7805ABTG made by On Semiconductor. Lead Free. (RoHS) Spec Sheet
  • The spec sheet recommends adding a .33uF or larger capacitor across the input and ground if far away from power supply filter. It recommends that the capacitor have low high-frequency impedance; the best capacitors for this are tantalums, mylar or ceramic disc capacitors, but in our experience, larger (100uF) electrolytic capacitors work, too.

    The spec sheet also recommends adding a .1uF cap across the output and ground to improve transient performance, but neither of the caps may be necessary.

  • With supporting circuitry, this component can be used as a variable voltage regulator (requires op amp) or current regulator.
  • Temperature range: -45 to 125 degrees C.

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