Chip Quik� Surface Mount Desoldering Kit (LEAD FREE)


This kit contains everything needed to desolder multi-pin surface mount chips. It's basically a low melting point alloy that, when mixed with the existing solder on a joint, keeps it molten long enough to release all the pins at once.

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  • 2.5 feet of the Chip Quik��� alloy–enough for 8-10 chips
  • 1cc syringe of no-clean paste flux
  • Alcohol pads for cleanup
  • Complete instructions


  • First, add ample paste flux to the pins of the target component. This will help the Chip Quik��� alloy flow easier and also help to distribute heat.
  • Flood all pins with Chip Quik��� alloy.
  • Continuously heat all sides of the chip until it can be pushed aside with tweezers
  • Clean the pads with solder wick, or, as the manufacturer recommends, lots of flux and cotton swabs.
  • Finally, use the alcohol pads to clean up any flux residues before attaching a new chip.

Watch a 40 second demo: The complete kit:

Note that ChipQuik is more brittle than regular solder, so it often comes in smaller pieces rather than a continuous wire. To use a smaller piece, rest it on or near the target leads and then touch it with the iron. One concern that many in critical industries (space, military, medical) have is that any remaining Chip Quik��� alloy on the joint will contaminate new joints. While it is true that some amount of bismuth (the primary component responsible for the low melting point) will be left behind, this is actually added intentionally to solder for some applications. For instance, when manufacturing double sided boards, to avoid having bottom parts fall off when the top side is reflowed, one approach is to select a top side solder with a slightly lower melting point. This way, after components on the bottom side are attached, the top side components can be reflowed without melting the solder on the bottom side. Bismuth containing solder is often used for the top side. Google “step soldering” and bismuth for more information. Also, note that Chip Quik��� has been used in industry without problems for more than 10 years now.

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