DVD: Soldering and Metal Working


This DVD features our three most popular videos: "How to Solder," "Surface Mount Soldering,&quot and "Basic Metal Working." These are the same videos freely available as flash streams in our guides, but with much higher resolution so they look great full-screen on a TV.

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The DVD features about 23 minutes of practical knowledge and demonstrations to get the hobbyist / engineer / backyard inventor making real stuff as quickly as possible. The DVD was created for people wanting to show the videos in a club, classroom or lab setting. Contents:

  • How to Solder: An introduction to the techniques and tools for basic through-hole soldering. The video contains answers to the following questions:
    • What is flux-cored solder, flux, and why is it needed?
    • What tip size / shape should be used?
    • What are cold joints, and how are they avoided?
    • What is a heat bridge and why is it helpful?
    • What is proper soldering technique?
    • What do good and bad joints look like?
    • Do solder fumes contain lead? Just how bad are they?
    • Why clean the soldering tip?
    • For a full, low-res preview and much more information, see our How to Solder Guide.

  • Surface Mount Soldering 101: This video contains an introduction to surface mount soldering with an emphasis on using inexpensive tools. It contains demonstrations showing how to solder a 603 resistor, PLCC (J-lead Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier, QFP (Gull Wing Quad Flat Pack) and finally a fine pitch (.5 mm) 208 pin QFP. Various flux applicators are also demonstrated. The end of the video features instructions showing how to remove SMDs with a regular iron, hot air, and Chip Quik���, as well as a brief demonstration of Schmartboards���. See a complete low-res version at our Surface Mount Soldering Guide.
  • Metal Working: Learn about the basic tools needed to accurately position, drill and tap holes (embed screw threads), as well as cut and file metal to size. The following tools are demonstrated: calipers, center and prick punches, files, a drill press, a scribe, a hacksaw, a combinations squar and taps. A full low-res version can be found at our Metal Working Guide.

The author of the soldering videos is an IPC (industry / military standards) certified soldering specialist (J-STD-001). Information was gathered from a wide variety of industry specifications with the goal of distilling out beneficial information for students, hobbyists and others creating prototypes. References can be found at the end of our main soldering guide. The metal working video and guides were prepared with the help of several experienced machinists, as well as many insights from the following books:

  • “Machinery’s Handbook”
  • “Machine Shop Essentials,” Marlow
  • “The Home Machinist’s Handbook,” Briney
  • “Machine Shop Practice,” Moltrecht
  • “Machine Shop Trade Secrets,” Harvey
  • “Fundamentals of Machine Component Design,” Juvinall

along with many websites and helpful forum members.

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