Grey Ribbon Cable (25 Conductors)


Comes in 5ft segments. Peel off the number of conductors you need. Useful with IDC sockets and crimp pins to make connecting buses.

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  • Rated at 300V
  • Insulation: 9 mils PVC (1 mil = .001"
  • Stranded tinned copper
  • Grey with one red conductor on edge
  • Insulation melting point (PVC): 105 degrees C
  • 28 AWG (gauge) wire is .321 mm^2 in area
  • .05" wire spacing
  • Current: This is a complex topic, but a safe limit for this wire is typically rated at .5 Amps. Current carrying capacity (ampacity) depends on the allowable voltage drop, the melting temperature of the insulation, ambient temperature, neighboring wires, length, and more. Many guides on the internet rate a lone, PVC insulated 28 AWG wire at 30 degrees C ambient at 4 Amps, but this doesn’t take into account neighboring wires, higher ambient temperatures, or a safety factor.
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