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With over 500k views, this is one of the most popular how-to-solder videos on the net, now available in higher quality, DRM FREE, downloadable format for use in schools and organizations.

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How to Solder: An introduction to the techniques and tools for basic through-hole soldering.

This 7 minute video demostrates upclose shots of proper technique, while also showing the most common improper techniques that can frustrate new students. Clear explanations of exactly why good technique is necessary help students both learn and retain their new skills.

The download is a 45 megabyte .wmv file for windows or .mov file for macs.

It answers the following questions:

  • What is flux-cored solder, flux, and why is it needed?
  • What tip size / shape should be used?
  • What are cold joints, and how are they avoided?
  • What is a heat bridge and why is it helpful?
  • What is proper soldering technique?
  • What do good and bad joints look like?
  • Do solder fumes contain lead? Just how bad are they?
  • Why clean the soldering tip?


For a full, low-res preview and much more information, see our How to Solder Guide.

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