Kester Flux Pen


This pen is useful for conveniently applying flux only where it's needed. Simply paint over connections with the felt tip to apply flux.

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To start the flow, depress the tip and then apply to pads and components.


  • Type #186 flux from Kester®, RMA = Rosin-based, Mildly Activated
  • In almost all cases, residues do not require cleaning
  • 10 mL
  • spec sheet
  • MSDS

We recommend this flux over:

  • water-soluble flux: This contains extremely aggressive flux that is unnecessary for all but the most difficult to solder or heavily oxidized components. Its residues are corrosive and conductive and must be cleaned off with warm water. The mildly activated flux in the Kester solder on this page shouldn’t require cleaning unless you want to be absolutely sure your project will last for 5 years in a hot environment. Water soluble flux will also erode tips faster than RMA flux.
  • no-clean flux: No-clean flux has very little activation, and is used in critical applications. It won’t perform as well on parts that have some oxidization, so we recommend the mildly activated flux over this (which also doesn’t require cleaning in most situations). No-clean is not a very well defined term, and doesn’t necessarily mean the residues should not be cleaned. It simply means that the flux is not very active, and in most situations the residues don’t require cleaning. Many manufacturers clean no-clean residues despite the name.

You may also be interested in a bottle of flux with a brush applicator and our flux dispensing bottles.

Note: Flux is a hazardous, flammable liquid and requires ground shipping to be chosen at checkout.

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