Multimeter with Capacitance and Frequency Measurement – M-1750


Featuring: frequency up to 10MHz, capacitance to 200uF, diode and transistor test, audible continuity test (beep), AC/DC current to 10A.

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  • AC + DC volts: 400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V, .5% DC accuracy, .8% AC accuracy
  • AC + DC current: 400uA, 4mA, 40mA, 400mA, 10A, 1.5% accuracy
  • Resistance: 400, 4k, 40k, 400k, 4M, 40M ohms, 1 ohm accuracy
  • Capacitance: 4nF, 40nF, 400nF, 4uF, 40uF, 400uF, +-2%
  • Frequency: 10 – 10MHz, .5% accuracy
  • Comes with 9V battery

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