No. 25 Drill Bit (10-24 Tap Drill)


Drill bit required to make a clearance hole for a #6 screw. Also the tap drill for a 10-24 tap.

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118 degree tip. Jobber length ("regular" length). This drill bit has a bright finish; a black oxide finish has more of a tendency to gall (rub off from friction) aluminum and brass / bronze, which makes it harder for chips to clear. Black oxide provides limited rust prevention and would be ideal if you weren’t drilling aluminum, brass or bronze.

This bit will work well for aluminum, mild steel (like 1018), cast iron, brass and bronze, plastic and wood. If you’re drilling through alloy steel or hardened steel consider at least getting a TiN (Titanium Nickel) finish or, even better, carbide tipped bits.

When starting a hole, it’s very easy for drill bits to "walk" or move slightly from where you initially placed them. It’s highly recommended to use a center punch to make a starting dimple. A split-point drill bit will mitigate this effect.

Recommended drill press spindle speeds can be found here.

This 8 min. video has basic metal working tips that include instructions on how to drill in metal.

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