Robotics Gearbox, Stepper Motor and Wheel


Quickly put together a robust robotics base with this combined gearbox, stepper motor and wheel. Just add a stepper motor controller, platform and micro controller. 1/4-20 tapped holes make installation simple. Note: this is only for ONE gearbox, motor and wheel.

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Designed for toughness and long life, each motor can provide more than 15 pounds of thrust, and the output shaft can support side loads of up to 100 lbf. Use of a stepping motor means you can make precise controlled motion without worrying about a closed loop control system. The included dual shaft 8 lead bipolar stepping motor may be driven from a wide range of inexpensive and popular stepper drives.

The 6″ drive wheel is included. Pictures without the wheel are only to show more detail. This 6″ nominal OD drive wheel has a soft non-marking rubber tread and an aluminum hub with a 1/2″ bore and 1/8″ keyway. Wheel spec sheet.


  • Non-repeating gear reduction ratio of 72:17 is optimized for continuous motion and long life
  • Included 8 wire bipolar stepping motor is compatible with popular drivers
  • Encoder can be installed on rear side of motor shaft if desired
  • 1/2���� diameter stainless steel output shaft is keyed and threaded
  • Rugged construction with heavy duty output bearings
  • Permanently lubricated and shielded from the elements
  • Perimeter 1/4-20 tapped holes for robust and flexible mounting
  • 6061 anodized aluminum housing
  • 1/4���� face machined steel gears
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Manufacturer: Horizon Manufacturing, LLC
  • Part # HMSGB4235STP3

For full specifications please read the product datasheet.

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