SchmartBoard|ez QFN .5mm Pitch, 56 pins


This board supports a 4-sided, 56 pin, .5mm pitch QFN (no-leads, Chip Scale) packages. Just push solder in pre-filled troughs towards the chip’s connections. The chip sits inside a small inset for alignment.

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QFN, or Quad Flat No-Lead, packages (also called Chip Scale) are very difficult to hand solder due to their lack of leads, and typically a heat sink on the bottom. This board has pre-installed solder traces that the chip sits on top of, as well as a via through which the bottom-side heat sink can be soldered. 2×2" in size.

The only requirement is a tip slightly smaller than the lead size and liquid flux. Recommended tip temperature is 750 – 800 degrees F.

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Manufacturer’s part number: 202-0019-01

Video demonstrating hand soldering of a QFN package:

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