Weller WP25 25 Watt Professional Soldering Iron


Although this is labeled a Professional soldering iron, the WP25 is the iron we recommend if you're starting out or don't want to invest in a soldering station yet. Cheaper irons are often more frustrating to use and won't last as long.

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This iron features:

  • Foam handle that is comfortable and remains cool after extended use.
  • 25 Watts, 750 degree F tip temperature. This is slightly higher than we normally recommend for lead-based solder, but it shouldn’t be problematic as long as joints are made within normal soldering time (2-5 seconds). This temperature will also work for lead-free solder and small to medium connectors and wires. Seek out 35 Watts or more for large connectors and wires (say, 12 gauge and larger).
  • A screw-on tip retainer holds the tip securely in place even after long term use. This is one of our favorite improvements over cheaper RadioShack® irons (in addition to a more comfortable and cooler handle). Oftentimes the set screw that holds RadioShack® tips in place comes loose, and this allows the tip to wobble and become very difficult to use. Even worse, corrosion can prevent the screw from being tightened again–which means tips cannot be replaced.

    We recommend loosening the tip retainer every once in a while to prevent oxides from binding it.

  • Comes with a 1/8" screwdriver tip (ST3), plated with iron for long life. We recommend screwdriver or chisel tips over conical tips because the flat edge allows for more surface area contact, and this helps to transfer heat faster.

    To increase tip life, always tin / cover the tip with solder before setting it down or turning it off. This will help prevent the tip from oxidizing, which is what eventually causes solder to be repelled by the tip.

    See Weller’s Tip Care and Maintenance Guide for more information.

  • The 25 Watt heater can quickly be substituted out for a 30 or 35 Watt heater by simply unscrewing the black plastic retaining nut next to the foam handle.

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