Dual Power Supply w/ Screw Holes


Designed for our VoS line of DIY modules (w/ David @ uCHobby.com), this supplies +- voltage, has screw holes for mounting and comes with a panel mount jack for an AC wall adapter. Both voltages are finely adjustable. Perfect for op-amp circuits that require +- voltage.

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Designed by David @ www.uCHobby.com 

  • Both + and ��������� voltages are independently adjustable
  • With proper heat sinking and a sufficiently strong AC adaptor, over 1 amp can be supplied to each side. Choose an AC adaptor with at least 30% more AC voltage and amperage than the DC requirements.
  • Comes with standoffs, screws, nuts and panel-mount jack (center pos, 2.1mm center) for mounting in a case.
  • If only one positive voltage is required, a DC power adaptor can be used with just one side.

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