MIDIATOR – Pre-Assembled PS2 to MIDI Converter


Converts a Play Station 2 (PS2) into a MIDI Controller or Robot / Microcontroller Interface.

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Description: This converts a PS2 controller into a MIDI controller. Remap any button to any MIDI controller or note on/off signal, including joysticks and button pressures. Everything is remappable on the fly and permanently stored in the MIDIATOR. Tested to work with wireless, guitar hero and cheap knock-off PS2 controllers.


  • Supports official PS2 controllers, cheap knockoffs and wireless controllers… and now the guitar hero controller, including the wammy bar and tilt sensor.
  • Analog joysticks can be remapped to any control, and their min/max/center range can be adjusted.
  • Sends Note ON/OFF and Controller messages mapped to button pressure, joy sticks, or toggles between 0 and 127 on button press (everything fully remappable).
  • MIDI is just serial RS232, use to control other microcontrollers / robots.
  • requires PS2 controller, not included





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